Photography Agreement

What is Copyright?.....It's a law that protect artists from people stealing their work. All it means is I created the work so it belongs to me. You paid me however, so you can do what you like with the images - apart from edit them or use them for commercial usage or contest entries. If you want to show off your photos on Facebook or anywhere else online, share away, I'm proud of my work!

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By entering your name below you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree with the following conditions. You are signing on behalf of all family and friends being photographed in this session. The Client assumes all responsibility for their animal(s) or any other subjects during the session, including any and all destruction of personal, business or public property, personal injury, or illegalities. Know your animal(s) and their behavior and limitations before allowing them to be photographed in your home or any public area. Please disclose any behavioral or aggression issues before your session. 1. All original digital files remain the property of Beth Photography. 2. Copyright remains the sole property of Beth Photography and cannot be reproduced in any form without prior consent and written permission from Beth Photography. 3. Beth Photography has permission to use any photographs taken by the photographer in competitions, exhibitions, editorial and other advertising purposes. 4. Beth Photography reserves the right to alter any photograph prior to its use or sale. 5. Beth Photography will take every care but liability in the event of any non supply of photos due to circumstances or mishaps will be limited to the refund of monies paid or part thereof.