Session Preparation

When should we book a session?

Any time is a good time! Families and seasons change quickly.  Believe me, I look at my two beautiful children and our furry family and wonder where has all the time gone! 

My clients typically schedule a session at least once a year so that you can look back on their albums or framed images and see how everyone has changed and grown over time.


What should we wear?

Dress to feel comfortable!  Coordinating looks best and timeless, this doesn't mean everyone has to wear the same thing, but the style and colour palette should coordinate.  I recommend clothing that has color.  Black clothing, while it can be flattering, will show a lot of pet hair.  

Avoid busy patterns and logos, solid colors are best.  Significant amount of bare skin should be avoided (i.e. V-neck line, short shorts, mini-skirts and tank tops) as it usually draws attention to that area in the picture.  Headbands and other accessories can help create different looks but avoid hats as they may cast shadows on your face.  Don't forget your feet! 


How should I prepare my pet for the session?

Here are a few tips:



  • A short walk before the session is a great idea to release energy and to help your pet relax faster during the session.


  • I always suggest a good brushing before the session and a good eye cleaning. If you regularly groom your pet, please schedule the appointment as close to the session as possible.

Pet's Wardrobe: 

  • Keeping things simple is always the best route to having timeless images but if you have a special collar or piece of clothing you’d love to have your pet wear, we can definitely include it in the session. 


  • I will bring my favorite treats Crumps' Naturals Chicken morsels to use during the session but I recommend bringing your pet’s favorite treat as well.

Horses - Tacking and Grooming:

  • Unless you desire imagery of the grooming process, I’ll ask that all grooming and tacking be completed before the session.


What happens after my session?

Approximately 2-3 weeks following your session I will email your viewing gallery link  where you will be able to view your beautiful images and choose from 3 digital packages.